PathoFinder offers a new generation of comprehensive molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases. Our state-of-the-art multiplex PCR technologies enable a rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical specimens.

PathoFinder products are based on proprietary SmartFinder® and MultiFinder® multiplex PCR-technologies or on Real Time PCR. With PathoFinder multiplex PCR products, up to 22 pathogens can be readily identified in a single, easy to perform multiplex PCR assay. RealAccurate® products include mono- or small multiplex Real Time PCR assays.

Targeted human infectious diseases include: Respiratory Tract Infections, Human Papilloma Virus Infections, Gastroenteritis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Viral Meningitis.

PathoFinder multiplex PCR-products save time, allow for automation and are cost-effective, and thus address the three major aspects of introducing comprehensive molecular diagnostics in the daily clinical routine.

Our products are developed and produced in an ISO 13485:2003 environment and are validated on all relevant QCMD panels to ensure optimal quality, sensitivity and specificity.

PathoFinder corporate clip

PathoFinder relocated:  1000m² of new labs and production facilities!