RealAccurate® Quadruplex real-time PCR Kits


PathoFinder offers a number of RealAccurate® Quadruplex PCR  Kits. These products contain optimized and validated reagents to allow for detection of low pathogen copy numbers in real-time PCR. Using an uniform PCR protocol, PathoFinder RealAccurate® Quadruplex PCR Kits enable you to analyse multiple parameters at the same time in the same real-time PCR instrument using 4 different detection channels (FAM, MAX, Texas Red and TYE665). The PathoFinder RealAccurate® Quadruplex product line focuses on the detection of  respiratory viruses and bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


The RealAccurate® Quadruplex Respiratory PCR Kits are six separate multiplex PCR Kits which can detect and differentiate 22 respiratory pathogens in total. The Quadruplex PCR Kits are one-step reverse transcriptase real-time PCR assays which are designed for fast detection on real-time PCR instruments using 4 different detection channels (FAM, MAX, Texas Red and TYE665).

The RealAccurate® Quadruplex Mycobacteria PCR Kit contains ready to use optimized reagents for the real-time detection and differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC: M. tuberculosis, M. bovis, M. microti, M. africanum and M. canetti) and nontuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM). Detection is on real-time PCR instruments capable of detecting FAM, Texas Red and TYE665.

RealAccurate® Quadruplex Respiratory PCR Kits

50 Assays Cat. No. PF0970/971/972/973/974/966-R

RealAccurate® Quadruplex Mycobacteria PCR Kit 

50 Assays Cat. No. PF0920-R