PathoFinder does direct business in the Netherlands and in countries not covered by our international distributors. If your country is not listed below, please contact PathoFinder.


Baltics GenMedica
Belgium ForLab
Canary Islands Castrillo Tecnicas Hospitalarias
Denmark, Iceland LABLAB ApS
France Eurogentec
Germany, Austria, Switzerland TECOmedical Group
Greece Helix2
Ireland Medical Supply Company
Italy EuroClone Diagnostica Srl
Norway DiuVita Diagnostics AS
Portugal Isoder SA
Slovenia V.I.A. Murska Sobota
Spain Diagnostica Longwood
Sweden, Finland XboXLab
Turkey Medisis Medikal
United Kingdom Serosep UK Limited


India, Maleisia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam ADT-Biotech


Chili Biotecom
Paraguay Bioanalisis


South-Africa Celtic Diagnostics
Tunisia African Biotechnology Society

Middle East

Kuwait Advanced Medical German Co (AMG)
Saudi-Arabia, Dubai Neo-Science Group
United Arabic Emirates Al Mazroui Medical and Chemical Supplies